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inoculants meaning in marathi

Significance of Bio-fertilizer in Fruit Production

Bio-fertilizers are beneficial microorganisms which help in improvement and retaining the soil fertility with enhanced physico-chemical attributes of the fruits. The efficient consumption of bio-fertilizers provides economic benefits to the growers by minimizing the cost of chemical fertilizer involved in fruit production.

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Inoculate Meaning | Best 16 Definitions of Inoculate

What does inoculate mean? To introduce ideas, etc. into the mind of; iue. (verb)

for a while," 22 Apr. 2021 As a successful inoculant became more likely, the JCVI’s Covid-19 subcommittee met weekly starting in Septeer.

सहज करता येण्याजोगे शेती-उद्योग | बळीराजा - Baliraja

Apr 17, 2010· सहज करता येण्याजोगे शेती-उद्योग. सहज करता येण्याजोगे शेती-उद्योग. बदलत्या काळानुसार शेतीमध्ये मोठ्या प्रमाणावर नवनव्या